<Vacuum Tube>

Please ask the detailed state of goods by mail.
It is convenient if you look for a vacuum tube in reference mode (Ctrl key +F key).
(A sample picture gets used to looking by clicking a tube name with an underline.)






0A3     \1,300/1pcs
0B2     \1,200/1pcs
0B3     \1,000/1pcs
0D3A      \1,000/1pcs
1R5 RCA   \1,000/1pcs
2A3 ARCTURUS    \90,000/Pair
2A3 RCA   \15,000/1pcs





2A3 SOVTEK   \7,000/Pair
2A3 VALVE ART   \10,000/Pair
2A5 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
2C52 RAYTHEON last 1pcs \5,000/1pcs
2E26 GE \2,000/1pcs
3A5 RCA   \1,500/1pcs
3A-108A STC   \8,000/1pcs
3A5 SYLVANIA   \1,300/1pcs
5A/102D STC,ITT Equivalent WE311A/B \2,500/1pcs
5AZ4 PHILCO   \2,500/1pcs
5Z4 RCA   \4,000/1pcs
5R4GY RCA   \5,000/1pcs
5R4GY STC   \20,000/1pcs
5R4WGY CHATHAM   \4,000/1pcs
5T4 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
5U4G SOVTEK   \1,200/1pcs
5U4GB TOSHIBA last 2 pcs \2,500/1pcs
5U4GB SIEMENS(GE)   \4,000/1pcs
5V4GA RCA   \4,000/1pcs
5V4GY/CV729 Mullard   \11,000/1pcs
5W4GT RCA   \1,000/1pcs
5Y3G Philco    \4,000/1pcs
5Y3GT SYLVANIA    \3,000/1pcs
5Y3GT SYLVANIA   \2,000/1pcs
5Y3WGTA SYLVANIA   \2,000/1pcs
5Y3WGTA CBS   \2,000/1pcs
5Y3WGTB GE   \2,500/1pcs
5Z3 GE   \3,500/1pcs
5Z3 RCA   \4,500/1pcs
5Z4 RCA   \1,500/1pcs
5Z4 RCA    \1,000/1pcs
6A3 RCA   \25,000/2pcs
6A3 RCA   \25,000/2pcs
6AC5GT HYTRON   \3,000/1pcs
6AC7 RCA   \2,000/1pcs
6AF4 HYTRON   \1,000/1pcs
6AH4 RCA last 2pcs \5,000/1pcs
6AH6 RCA    \1,000/1pcs
6AK5 SYLVANIA   \1,000/1pcs
6AK5 TUNG-SOL   \1,000/1pcs
6AK5 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6AK5W GE   \1,000/1pcs
6AL5 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6AN8A SYLVANIA JAN \1,800/1pcs
6AN8A RCA   \2,500/1pcs
6AQ5A RCA   \1,200/1pcs
6AQ5A GE   \1,000/1pcs
6AQ5W GE   \1,200/1pcs
6AR5 RCA   \2,000/1pcs
6AR6 TUNG-SOL   \5.000/1pcs
6AR6WA TUNG-SOL   \10,000/Pair
6AR8 LUX   \30,000/3pcs
6AT6 RCA   \1,000/1pcs
6AT6 CBS   \1,000/1pcs
6AU4GTA CHANNEL MASTER   \1,500/1pcs
6AU4GTA ZENITH   \1,500/1pcs
6AU4GTA DUMONT   \1,500/1pcs
6AU6 TOSHIBA    \1,000/1pcs
MT 7P socket   \1,000/1pcs
6AX5GT GE    \1,200/1pcs
6B4G KEN-RAD   \15,000/Pair
6B4G NATIONAL,etc   \6,000/1pcs
6B4G SYLVANIA Indirect type \3,200/1pcs
6B4G Zaerix   \18,000/Pair
6B4G COLOMOR   \8,000/Pair
6BE6 Amperex   \1,000/1pcs
6BE6 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6BE6 SYLVANIA      \1,000/1pcs
6BE6W SYLVANIA   \1,000/1pcs
6BF5 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6BL8/ECF80 TRIGON   \1,000/1pcs
6BM8 FIVRE   \2,000/1pcs
6BM8 JAPAN   \2,000/1pcs
6BX7GT GE   \4,000/1pcs
6BX7GT TUNG-SOL   \4,000/1pcs
6BX7GT SYLVANIA   \4,000/1pcs
6C33C   \6,000/1pcs
6C33 socket
Made in China
6C33 socket
Made by Johnson
6C5 GE    \1,500/1pcs
6C5 GE    \1,500/1pcs
6C5 GE    \1,500/1pcs
6C5 RCA    \1,500/1pcs
6C6 RCA \3,000/1pcs
6C6 NEOTRON    \2,000/1pcs
6C8G KEN-RAD   \2,000/1pcs
6CA7 SYLVANIA   \20,000/4pcs
6CA7(EL34) GE    \15,000/Pair
6CB6A/6676 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6DJ8 Philips   \2,000/1pcs
6DS4 ADMIRAL   \4,000/1pcs
6DS4 SYLVANIA   \4,000/1pcs
6DS4 GE   \4,000/1pcs
6CS6 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6D10 GE    \2,000/1pcs
6DC6 SYLVANIA    \1,500/1pcs
6DJ8 SYLVANIA   \2,500/1pcs
6E5 RCA    \4,000/1pcs
6EM7 ZENITH    \3,000/1pcs
6EA8 GE    \1,000/1pcs
6EJ7 SYLVANIA    \1,000/1pcs
6F6 RCA   \4,000/1pcs
6F6G RCA   \3,000/1pcs
6F6GT SYLVANIA   \2,500/1pcs
6FQ7/6CG7 SYLVANIA    \3,500/1pcs
6FQ7/6CG7 Raytheon   \2,500/1pcs
6GA4 TOSHIBA   \25,000/Pair
6H6 SYLVANIA   \1,000/1pcs
6H6 GE   \1,000/1pcs
6H6WGT CHATHAM   \1,000/1pcs
6J5 GE/KENRAD   \1,500/1pcs
6J5 RCA   \2,000/1pcs
6J5 TUNG-SOL   \1,500/1pcs
6J5G STC   \7,000/1pcs
6J5WGT SYLVANIA   \2,500/1pcs
6J6 RCA   \1,000/1pcs
6J7G MOV    \3,000/1pcs
6L5G National Union   \1,500/1pcs
6L6/6L6Y RCA    \8,000/Pair
6L6G RCA last 2pcs \13,000/1pcs
6L6G/CV1947 STC    \30,000/Pair
6L6GB NEC Used \3,000/1pcs
6L6GB SYLVANIA   \10,000/Pair
6L6GC Toshiba New \15.000/Pair
6L6GC SYLVANIA last 2pair \15,000/Pair
6L6GC GE   \15,000/Pair
6L6GC PHILIPS   \15,000/Pair
US socket    \1,300/1pcs
6L6WGB PHILIPS   \4,000/1pcs
6P5GT SYLVANIA   \4,000/1pcs
6SA7Y GE   \1,000/1pcs
6SC7 SYLVANIA   \2,000/1pcs
6SF5 RCA   \1,500/1pcs
6SJ7 RCA   \2,000/1pcs
6SJ7 GE   \1,500/1pcs
6SJ7Y GE JAN \1,500/1pcs
6SLGT SYLVANIA   \2,500/1pcs
6SL7GT SYLVANIA   \3,000/1pcs
6SL7GT STC(BRIMAR)   \2,500/1pcs
6SL7GT STC(BRIMAR)   \6,000/1pcs
6SL7GT RCA   \5,000/1pcs
6SL7GT/VT-229 Kenrad   \3,000/1pcs
6SL7WGT PHILIPS   \1,800/1pcs
6SL7WGT SYLVANIA   \1,800/1pcs
6SN7GT GE JAN CL \4,000/1pcs
6SN7GT/GTB RCA   \7,000/1pcs
6SN7GTB GE USED \2,500/1pcs
6SN7GTY STC   \15,000/1pcs
6V6 RCA    \3,500/1pcs
6V6 TUNG-SOL    \4,000/1pcs
6V6G UK   \3,500/1pcs
6V6G Westinghouse \3,000/1pcs
6V6G GE   \3,500/1pcs
6V6G marconi   \3,500/1pcs
6V6GT PHILIPS   \2,500/1pcs
6V6GT Pope Made by PHILIPS \8,000/Pair
6V6GTA RAYTHON   \6,000/Pair
6V6GTY STC   \3,000/1pcs
6V6GTY Standard Electric   \3,000/本
6V6Y RCA   \4,000/1pcs
6W4GT RCA   \1,000/1pcs
6W6GT GE   \2,000/1pcs
6X4 MATSUSHITA   \1,500/1pcs
MT 7P socket   \400/1pcs
6X4 GE    \1,500/1pcs
6X4WA SYLVANIA    \1,500/1pcs
6X5GTY/CV574 STC    \2,500/1pcs
6Y6GT GE   \1,200/1pcs
6Y6GT RCA   \1,000/1pcs
6ZDH3A MATSUSHITA    \3,000/1pcs
7C5 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
7C6 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
12AT7 SYLVANIA    \2,000/1pcs
12AT7 DUMONT(GE)    \2,000/1pcs
12AT7 RCA   \3,500/1pcs
12AT7WC GE   \1,300/1pcs
12AT7WC Philips ECG   \1,000/1pcs
12AU7 MAZDA   \3,000/1pcs
12AU7 RADIOTECHNIQUE   \3,500/1pcs
12AU7A Toshiba   \3,000/1pcs
12AU7A RCA   \4,000/1pcs
12AU7WA/ECC82 Tungsol   \3,000/1pcs
12AX7 TEN   \2,500/1pcs
12AX7A Toshiba \4,000/1pcs
12AX7A China   \1,000/1pcs
12AX7A RCA    \8,000/1pcs

MT 9P socket   \700/1pcs
12AX7WA SYLVANIA    \6,000/1pcs
12AX7WA GE   \7,000/1pcs
12AY7 RCA    \5,000/1pcs
12BH7A GE   \3,500/1pcs
12BH7A SYLVANIA   \3,500/1pcs
12BH7A RCA   \3,000/1pcs
12BY7A GE   \2,000/1pcs
12BY7A RCA   \2,000/1pcs
12BY7A SYLVANIA   \1,000/1pcs
12BZ7 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
12EI STC/ITT   \4,000/1pcs
12SK7/VT134 WE   \1,000/1pcs
12×4 SYLVANIA   \1,200/1pcs
27 PHILCO   \3,000/1pcs
27 RAYTHEON   \2,500/1pcs
25Z5 NATIONAL UION   \2,000/1pcs
25Z5 RCA   \2,000/1pcs
25L6GT SYLVANIA   \2,000/1pcs
35L6GT RCA   \2,000/1pcs
35L6GT SYLVANIA   \2,000/1pcs
37 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
35Z5GT DUMONT   \2,000/1pcs
41 TRIAD   \2,500/1pcs
45 RAYTHON   \35,000/Pair
45 except RCA Used \8,000/1pcs
45 ARCTURUS   \15,000/1pcs
46/VT-63 TUNGSOL   \5,000/1pcs
47 RCA   \5,000/1pcs
50BM8 TOSHIBA   \10,000/Pair
50L6GT GE   \2,000/1pcs
59 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
71A KENRAD   \16,000/Pair
76 TUNG-SOL   \3,000/1pcs
76 NU   \3,000/1pcs
UY socket
80 BRIMAR    \3,000/1pcs
80 PHILCO   \4,500/1pcs
80 Pope Made by RCA \3,000/1pcs
80 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
80 RAYTHON last 1pcs \8,000/1pcs
83 FIVRE   \4,500/1pcs
83V NATIONAL UNION   \4,000/1pcs
89Y KEN-RAD   \1,000/1pcs
101D WE   \20,000/1pcs
101F WE   \10,000/1pcs
101M WE   \12,000/1pcs
102A BOONTON last 1pcs \10,000/1pcs
102D WE   \45,000/1pcs
102F WE   \25,000/1pcs
102G WE   \45,000/1pcs
102L WE   \10,000/1pcs
117N7GT RCA   \1,500/1pcs
211/Vt-4C GE    \55,000/Pair
211D WE     \200,000/Pair
215A WE    \10,000/1pcs
WE 215A socket     \3,000/1pcs
216A WE    \50,000/1pcs
227 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
231D WE New \22,000/1pcs
239A WE   \40,000/1pcs
242A WE   \150,000/1pcs
242C WE Used \100,000/1pcs
244A WE   \18,000/1pcs
245 majestic   \40,000/Pair
245 National Union   \40,000/Pair
245A WE last 1pcs \30,000/1pcs
247A WE   \20,000/1pcs
248A WE   \100,000/1pcs
250 - last 1pcs \60,000/1pcs
250 RCA   \40,000/1pcs
259A WE   \5,000/1pcs
275A WE last 1pcs \40,000/1pcs
275A WE    \40,000/1pcs
276A (a) WE   \120,000/1pcs
276A (b) WE   \150,000/1pcs
281 RCA,etc   \7,000/1pcs
284B WE   \200,000/1pcs
290A WE last 1pcs \30,000
295A WE   \175,000/1pcs
300B CHINA   \16,000/Pair
300B WE 1988 \195,000/Pair
300B WE   \200,000/1pcs
300B Okatani   \150,000/Pair
301A WE    \140,000/Pair
310A WE Mesh \40,000/1pcs
310B WE Mesh \50,000/1pcs
327 CUNNINGHAM   \3,000/1pcs
328A WE 7.5V \17,500/1pcs
328A WE Mesh \30,000/1pcs
338A WE    \3,000/1pcs
345 CUNNINGHAM   \45,000/Pair
348A WE Large punch \50,000/1pcs
350A WE last 1pcs \40,000/1pcs
373A WE   \12,000/1pcs
374A WE   \12,000/1pcs
396A WE   \5,000/1pcs
403B WE   \4,500/1pcs
404A WE   \4,500/1pcs
408A WE   \1,500/1pcs
408A Northern Electric   \1,500/1pcs
417A WE   \10,000/1pcs
418A WE   \8,000/1pcs
421A WE \25,000/1pcs
429A WE   \5,000/1pcs
437A WE    \50,000/Pair
 437A/429A SOCKET    \1,000/1pcs
445 DeForest \50,000/Pair
717A WE    \5,000/1pcs
800 RCA   \60,000/1pcs
802 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
802A RCA   \2,500/1pcs
807(VT-100) RCA   \4,000/1pcs
807 BRIMAR   \3,000/1pcs
807 HYTRON   \3,000/1pcs
807 Marconi   \8,000/1pcs
807 Westinghouse   \8,000/1pcs
811A RCA Electronic Enterprise \20,000/Pair
812A SYLVANIA   \12,000/1pcs
813 SYLVANIA   \20,000/1pcs
815 RCA   \10,000/1pcs
830B RCA   \20,000/Pair
843 RCA ST \7,000/1pcs
845 RCA last 1pcs \100,000/1pcs
866A RCA    \7,500/1pcs
866A GE   \5,000/1pcs
866A USA   \5,000/1pcs
1276 SYLVANIA   \25,000/1pcs
1616 RCA   \3,000/1pcs
1619 RCA   \1,000/1pcs
1620 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
1621 RCA   \6,000/Pair
1622 RCA    \3,500/1pcs
1625 RCA 807 12.6 bolt tube Used \1,000/1pcs
1629 RCA(magic eye)   \3,000/1pcs
4102 STC    \40,000/1pcs
4328D STC   \8,000/1pcs
5691 GE   \9,000/1pcs
5693 RCA Red \4,000/1pcs
5693 GE   \3,500/1pcs
5693 GE \2,000/1pcs
5751 RCA   \4,000/1pcs
5755 RAYTHEON   \2,000/1pcs
5763 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
5814A SYLVANIA JAN(Old) \800/1pcs
5840W SYLVANIA   \5,000/1pcs
5879 RCA   \2,500/1pcs
5961 mullard   \1,000/1pcs
5963 SYLVANIA   \1,000/1pcs
5998 Tungsol last 2pcs \10,000/1pcs
6072A GE   \5,000/1pcs
GB-6080 SYLVANIA   \2,500/1pcs
6111 SYLVANIA   \1,800/1pcs
6146W GE \4,000/1pcs
6188(6SL7) PHILIPS    \2,500/1pcs
6201SQ/12AT7 PHILIPS Gold pin \3,000/1pcs
6211 TELEFUNKEN   \8,000/1pcs
6211 BRIMAR   \3,000/1pcs
6550 Tungsol (SOVTEK) \12,000/Pair
6550 Tungsol   \30,000/1pcs
6550A GE   \20,000/Pair
6922 PHILIPS JAN \2,000/1pcs
7027A GE   \7,500/1pcs
7027A Amperex   \20,000/pair
7199 SOVTEK   \2,000/1pcs
7199 GE   \4,000/1pcs
7199 PHILCO   \4,000/1pcs
7591 TOSHIBA last 1 pair \20,000/Pair
7591A PHILIPS   \13,000/1pcs
8417 RCA   \8,000/1pcs
8417 SYLVANIA   \10,000/1pcs
Aa SIEMENS    \15,000/Pair
AT20 COSER    \35,000/Pair
AT20 COSER    \25,000/Pair
AZ12 TELEFUNKEN   \5,000/1pcs
AD1 TELEFUNKEN    \250,000/Pair
CG845 GE    \70,000/1pcs
CG1984 GE Equivalent 211 \40,000/Pair
CV378 VE    \...Call
CV593(GZ32) mullard    \11,000/1pcs
CV1264 VE \5,000/1pcs
CV4003/M8136 mullard   \8,000/1pcs
CV4024(12AT7) mullard   \2,500/1pcs
DA-30 GEC   \250,000/Pair
D-86326 WE (special 101D) last 1pcs \50,000/1pcs
D-86737 WE   \100,000/1pcs
E-34L JJ   \2,500/1pcs
E80CC AMPEREX   \4,000/1pcs
E80CC PHILIPS   \9,000/1pcs
E88CC PHILIPS Used \5,000/1pcs
E88CC VALVO   \6,000/1pcs
E90CC PHILIPS   \2,000/1pcs
E92CC TELEFUNKEN     \3,000/1pcs
E130L Mullard、BRIMAR   \5,000/1pcs
E180F Mullard Equivalent WE404A \2,000/1pcs
ECC32 Zaerix MULLARD \15,000/1pcs
ECC82 RFT   \2,000/1pcs
ECC82 TELEFUNKEN   \20,000/1pcs
ECC83 PHILIPS (MULLARD \10,000/1pcs
ECC83 Mullard   \10,000/1pcs
ECC83 Mullard   \13,000/1pcs
ECC85 RFT   \2,000/1pcs
ECC88 Mullard  
ECC808 TELEFUNKEN   \5,000/1pcs
EF37A Mullard   \3,000/1pcs
EF86 PHILIPS   \4,000/1pcs
EF86 TELEFUNKEN   \10,000/1pcs
EF804 TELEFUNKEN   \7,000/1pcs
EF806S TELEFUNKEN   \15,000/1pcs
EL-34 VALVO \20,000/Pair
EL-34 Mullard    \40,000/Pair
EL-34 TELEFUNKEN 8pcs set \160,000/8pcs
EL-34 TELEFUNKEN Used \15,000/Pair
EL-37 Mullard      \18,000/1pcs
EL-37 VALVO    \18,000/1pcs
EL82 PHILIPS   \2,000/1pcs
EL-84 RFT   \8,000/Pair
EL-84 PHILIPS   \10,000/Pair
EL-156 TELEFUNKEN    \34,000/1pcs
ER250 RAYTHEON last 1pcs \50,000/1pcs
EY80 Mullard      \1,000/1pcs
F2a SIEMENS   \15,000/1pcs
F2a SIEMENS Used \15,000/1pcs
G2504 VALVO   \30,000/1pcs
GZ32 PHILIPS   \11,000/1pcs
GZ33 Mullard    \6,000/1pcs
GZ34 SIEMENS   USA \9,000/1pcs
GZ34 PHILIPS    \12,000/1pcs
KT-63 NF    \6,000/1pcs
KT-66 Genalex \60,000/Pair
KT-66 GEC    \40,000/Pair
KT-66/CV1075 PHILIPS    \35,000/Pair
KT-88 GEC first term   \45,000/1pcs
KT-88 GOLD LION   \40,000/1pcs
L63/CV1067 GEC   \3,000/1pcs
MX250 MARATHON MeshP    \300,000/Pair
NR-37(VR40/PX-25)       \80,000/1pcs
PM24M Mullard   \17,500/1pcs
PP3/250 MAZDA    \140,000/Pair
PP3/250 MAZDA last 1pcs \40,000/1pcs
PT-15/VT-104 MOV   \7,000/1pcs
PX-25/VR-40 GEC   \80,000/1pcs
PX-25/VR-40 MOV Globe \80,000/1pcs
PX-25 socket      \2,000/1pcs
Px-25A(DA-30)       \250,000/Pair
QV06/20 Mullard 6146 \4,000/1pcs
R205-D NE   \80,000/1pcs
RGN2504 TELEFUNKEN Globe   \35,000/1pcs
S2001A Matsushita \...Call
UX2A3 mazda   \40,000/Pair
VF14 TELEFUNKEN   \100,000/1pcs
VR105 RCA   \1,500/1pcs
VT-1 WE   \40,000/1pcs
VT-2 WE   \70,000/1pcs
VT-24(864) HYTRON   \8,000/1pcs
VT-25 WE   \17,500/1pcs
VT-52 WE    \60,000/Pair
VT-52 WE   \35,000/1pcs
VT-100(807) RCA   \4,000/1pcs
Z2b RFT   \5,000/1pcs
Z2b VALVO    \7,000/1pcs
side contact socket     \3,000/1pcs
Tunger Valve   JAN-CCOD 4B28 \25,000/1pcs
Tunger Valve
Westinghouse    \17,500/1pcs